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greek and nordic mythology. marvel cinematic and comics universe. harry potter. musicals. kdramas. cdramas. jdramas. listening to music. drawing. boxing. reading.


she/her. 8teen. intj.
☉ virgo ☽︎ leo ↑ libra.

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i’m an introvert girl so don’t mind if act cold. i use explicit and dialectal language. i manly tweet about got7, all nct units and bts ❪sometimes taekook too❫.
don’t follow if
you’re lgbtqphobic. toxic fan. anti everyone i support/stan. toxic shipper and all the things in the no section.
racists. lgbtqphobic. toxic fans. any kind of discrimination. antis. flames. bees.

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favs tv series, dramas and anime
once upon a time. teen wolf. élite. the politician. tfatws. loki. wandavision. glee. anne with an e. titans. sherlock. riverdale. vincenzo. hwarang. fight for my way. so not worth with it. the untamed. naruto. one piece. sailor moon.

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❛moonchild you shine.

remember to always keep the smile you always have, and that i love you infinitely. thank you for always supporting me for anything, sometimes i don't think i deserve you…thank you <3

롤라와 찰리를 위해 . ♡

❛when moon rise, it's your time.

thank you for everything. thank you for those amazing years thanks for staying when nobody wanted me. remember to always laugh because i love your laughs <3

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